Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

Posted on May 5, 2016 in Blog Posts, Ministry


Last week we were invited to go to a traveling horse show called “Sermon on the Mount” where we weren’t just entertained, but fed spiritual truths as well. Being a visual learner, I got a lot out of it and was especially impacted by what he shared about honor.

Honor One Another – The trainer worked with two of his beautiful horses and illustrated how each of them are both powerful in their own right and could easily hurt the other one, but they don’t do it because of their relationship with him.  They honor him, therefore they honor each other.  Likewise, we are called to honor one another, and although we may be able to overpower/hurt one another, we choose not to do it because of our relationship and honor to God.  He challenged us with though-provoking questions like, “What do I do with my liberties?” “How much of my life is set up around intentionally honoring others?” “Am I allowing God to perfect me in unity?”  He shared a powerful truth that holiness must always proceed harmony.  Therefore, as we learn to walk in God’s ways and be like him, we will grow in harmony with one another.

Spur On One Another – I loved this part of the show where he talked about the spurs on his boots and explained how they actually cause a horse to grow and to learn when they are used correctly.  The spurs aren’t there to punish the horse or to hurt them, but to “provoke” the horses to excellence.  In the same way, God doesn’t allow irritants and trials in our lives to punish us, but to perfect us.  And we can spur one another on to love and good works as well. (Heb. 10:24)

God Is For You – During the performance, there were several times the horses didn’t do what he wanted them to, and he shared that instead of ignoring their disobedience or harshly disciplining them he simply said, “No” and then immediately set them up to try again and make a choice to obey this time.  He likened this to our relationship with God and how when we fail or are disobedient, God always corrects us, but then He immediately sets us up for victory again.  He doesn’t just leave us down and feeling like a failure. He is quick to forgive when we repent and loves to show mercy.  He is for us and his mercy endures forever.

Lateral Shows the Vertical – One last nugget he shared was that the lateral work (relational work with the horses) was the primary way for us to see that the horses belong to the trainer.  He shared that hours upon hours of training and time had gone into building relationship with the horses and that out of that trust/honor relationship much fruit has come.  We too often have to put weeks, months, and even years into building relationships with others, but in the end much fruit is produced and we bring glory to God.   John 13:35 – By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”