Dance Classes and Workshops

 “Offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and acceptable to God –

this is your spiritual act of worship.” Rom. 12:1

Over the past 15 years, I’ve been blessed to teach and train others in a variety of styles of choreographed and worship dance, including Davidic dance and prophetic dance.  I also teach and share on the meaning of colors, as well as the power and purpose of flags, banners, and streamers.

Davidic Dance

Davidic dance is praise and worship dance that combines Israeli folk and contemporary worship music to choreographed dance.  It is also known as Messianic Dance.  Some Christians prefer the term “Messianic” because it conveys their appreciation for the Jewish roots of their fath and their special love for Israel and Jewish people.  Historians have found that dance was a significant part of the Temple worship in the time of Jesus and was often used in times of celebration, Jewish life-cycles, and religious holidays.

Davidic dance is a fun and freeing way to enter into worship and intercession, and is for all ages, 6 and up.  No previous dance experience is necessary.

  • Circle – Most of the dances are done in a circle, so the focus is on JESUS, not on any one person.
  • Unity –  The circle also promotes unity, which makes is very powerful!
  • Freedom –  Davidic dance is not about performance, but about WORSHIP!  So, it doesn’t matter if you mess up  God loves it anyway because He sees your heart!


Prophetic Dance and Intercession

Prophetic dance and intercession is about learning how to partner with the Holy Spirit to release His heart through movement and dance.  It is a very freeing and fun time of

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