Let Him Out

Posted on Mar 25, 2015 in Blog Posts, Dance, Innerhealing, Ministry, Prayer

Wow!  What an absolutely amazing and powerful Women’s Conference it was this past weekend in Tyrone, GA hosted by Legacy Ministries.  The wealth of Godly wisdom carried in the panel of women who taught/shared with us was astounding, and the Lord ministered in a powerful way through each of them to many hearts. Thank you for all of your prayers for my Prophetic Movement workshop as well.  God is faithful and released such freedom and healing to hearts in just one hour!   It was beautiful!!   As I prepared for the workshop, I felt the Lord highlighting Isaiah 43:19, “Behold, I am doing a NEW thing,” and felt the prayer coming forth thanking Him that He is ALWAYS doing a new thing!  Even the very way I was going to teach the workshop that day was going to be new and different…..AND IT WAS!!  There was an abundance of NEW steps, NEW expressions, NEW movements, NEW songs, NEW feelings, NEW experiences as we surrendered to the Holy Spirit and gave Him permission to flow through us.  Oh, what joy and peace there is in the place of pure abandonment and sweet surrender. While meditating on how worship itself it is simply “responding to God”, one of the new questions that came to my heart was, “How does the Holy Spirit respond to God the Father and Jesus?”  I imagined the Holy Spirit like a little child seeing his/her first firework show….jumping up and down in exuberant excitement, non-stop proclamations of, “Look, Mommy!  Look Daddy!  Did you see that one?!?!”  and “Oooooooo….that one’s so pretty!”  Eyes as wide as saucers and completely mesmerized by the beauty of the light show.  This is the Holy Spirit inside of US….completely fascinated with who God is and wanting to express that fascination THROUGH us in all of our various giftings, talents, hobbies, and traits.  Our job in the relationship is to simply, “LET HIM OUT!!!”  LET Him express Himself through us.  LET Him be who He is in us and reflect His glory out of us. Psalm 45:10 talks about how the King desires our beauty (our expression, our voice, our gift of worship), and will stop at nothing to get it because that’s what we were created to do.  Our gift and our joy is to give Him what is rightfully His…all of our worship….whatever that unique expression looks like.  Maybe it’s in painting or cooking or writing or singing?  Maybe it’s in twirling and dancing or building and training?  He is the One who hand-crafted us and manufactured us and knows exactly what’s inside of you and me.  May we enter more and more into the place of sweet surrender and let Him come out in greater and greater...

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Beauty for Ashes

Posted on Jan 28, 2015 in Blog Posts, Innerhealing, Ministry, Uncategorized

And they overcame him (the accuser of the brethren) by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.  Rev. 12:11 Last July while I was on sabbatical, the Lord spoke to my heart about being more intentional about making the main focus of His Jewel about the restoration of women.  This past week in Columbus, Ohio, I was blessed to have the Lord open the door for me to speak at my first two women’s gatherings and share my testimony of redemption, healing, and wholeness.  It was a blessed time of sharing and inviting each woman into deeper levels of freedom through the Divine exchange of beauty for ashes (Isa. 61). Here’s a YouTube clip from my testimony at Northside Church: I love that the Lord is so jealous for our hearts….jealous for them to be whole and healed and to know His great love for us more and more.  During the time of reflection, each person asked the Lord to show them an area that He wanted to speak truth in.  Many responded through journaling and walking up to the table to exchanging the lie (stone) for the truth (jewel).  Others shared with the whole group what the Lord had showed them.  It was amazing to watch the Lord move uniquely and intimately throughout the room. Please pray for the seeds of truth that were planted in hearts to go deep, take root, and to bring NEW...

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Beautiful Hearts

Posted on Jun 23, 2014 in Blog Posts, Innerhealing, Uncategorized

I don’t know of a greater honor that I have than being trusted by God with the beautiful hearts that He sends my way.  I’m continually humbled and blessed by the lives that I get to be a part of on their journey to healing and freedom.  It’s such a gift, and not something that I take lightly.  The human heart is a complex thing and oh so delicate.  It’s raw and vulnerable in its most exposed state, and to stamp “fragile” on it is simply not enough.  It must be nurtured, valued, cherished, affirmed, and spoken to with honor and respect and with the heart of the Father.  He is the One who formed and fashioned it so delicately with His very hands and with much thought and intent before the foundations of the world (Ps. 139:13-15). This picture reminded me of just that….the rawness of humanity (rustic and worn wood), the fragility of our hearts (twisted vines), and the transparency of a broken and contrite heart (the inside of the heart).  But even more so, I see the cross…..the heart hung on the wood slats like Jesus was hung on the cross, the crown of thorns placed on his head (twisted vines), and the drops of blood flowing down his face (red buds).  The phrase that rings in my head is “His blood makes us beautiful”.  That’s all I can see…..His beautiful blood.  And that’s all the Father sees too…..His son’s blood covering our sin and shame.  As we take our place with Him on the cross and are crucified with Christ, we take on His beauty in exchange for our brokenness.  Gal. 2:20 – “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.” My desire is to handle the hearts that I encounter with the same purpose, intention, and tender-loving care that He handles them with.  That I would value what He values and took so much time to create in the secret place, and never take for granted the wonder, beauty, and mystery of the human heart. 13 For you created my inmost being;     you knit me together in my mother’s womb. 14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;     your works are wonderful,     I know that full well. 15 My frame was not hidden from you     when I was made in the secret place,     when I was woven together in the depths of the...

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A Heart Touched With Forgiveness

Posted on Apr 21, 2014 in Blog Posts, Dance, Innerhealing, Uncategorized

What an amazing night!!!  Today was my third day on the OM Logos Hope ship, and I got to join their Monday night worship night where 150-200 people gather to sing and worship for an hour.  The worship director had asked me to dance freely up front as the Spirit led and to come early to hear the music and prepare.  So, I did….but nothing could have prepared me for what happened afterwards.  As the worship leader began, he invited people to come up to the front, so 50+ young people swarmed the area, but the worship director was still insistent on having me up front, so she carved out a corner for me to dance.  I made it through the first couple of songs without colliding into any nearby person or wall, but when they started playing the “Oceans” song, I just couldn’t contain myself anymore and danced my way to the back where I could really have space to fully fly with the Holy Spirit 🙂  I ended up staying back there the rest of the night dancing over people, weaving in and out of them, and up and down the aisles releasing joy and freedom.  As one hour past, the people shouted for more, so the band kept going another hour, and by the end of the night the room had exploded in dance and praise over Hong Kong.  It was a beautiful sight, but, even that didn’t compare to what happened next….. A girl from Norway, who I’ll call Maria, asked if she could talk to me afterwards.  When we connected, she began to tell me what happened to her when she saw me dancing up front.  In essence she said, “When I saw you dancing up front, it reminded me of my mother when I was a little girl because she would always be dancing, all the time and everywhere.  But, now she is no longer with the Lord and hasn’t danced in years.  I’ve been angry with her and needing to forgive her for many things she did to me, but haven’t been able to.  But, when I saw you dancing I started weeping and knew I needed to forgive her.”  She went on for the next 20+ minutes sharing with me in great detail of the abuse, fear, sickness, and difficult things she had endured for years and how the Lord has been doing a deep work of healing and restoration in her life.  I was astounded at the powerful ways God had moved, and through tears of joy, was able to pray with her and ask for abundant grace for her to forgive her mom fully and for God to bring healing and restoration to her entire family.  It was stunning! I have a feeling that this is only “part one” of the story with Maria, and that even within the next two weeks of my time here that God has even more freedom for her heart as she tears down walls of fear and releases the dance inside of her.  Please pray for a mighty breakthrough of power to come and for God to do more than she could possibly ask, think, or imagine.  OUR GOD REIGNS!!!  LET THE HILLS BE GLAD,  LET THE PEOPLE REJOICE, AND LET THE CAPTIVES BE SET FREE!...

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