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Dark But Lovely

Posted on Feb 18, 2015 in Blog Posts, Ministry, Prayer

Today as I sat staring out the back window onto the tall swaying trees, I was in awe of the melting frozen branches and how they dripped down like rain…watering the ground beneath.  Then, my eye found it’s way to the tops of the trees, and the glimmer of the frozen branches in the sun captivated me.  They looked like shiny diamonds!  Every time the sun peeked out from behind the clouds they sparkled and light danced….just like it does on water.  But then when the clouds came back out and hid the sun, the branches turned dark and muted again.  I watched this phenomena over and over and thought this is just like our hearts.  We have gone through the cold, bitter winter days, and our hearts are frozen, lifeless, and dark.  But, when the Son comes and shines down on us, we look like diamonds and we come alive, sparkling and filled with light!   Diamonds are a beautiful and valuable jewel….and so are we.  We often don’t see ourselves this way though…especially when we’re not meeting our expectations of what a Christian “should act like”.  The beauty of the Truth of God and His view of us is that it’s not based on us or our performance!  It’s based on HIM and His perfect love.  We have the divine privilege of bringing our cold and frozen hearts and setting them before the bonfire of God’s love, and saying, “Come and love me today.  Come and show me who I am to you.  Come and melt my frozen heart.”  And he exclaims with joy, “YAY!!  I’M SO GLAD YOU ASKED!!” And as His fiery love shines down on us, tears fall and water the ground of  our hardened hearts, bringing new life.  This is the beauty of our God and the power of His perfect love (Song of Sol. 1:5, . Your heart may feel “dark” and frozen today and not worthy of God’s love, but the Truth is that YOU ARE VALUABLE and BEAUTIFUL in God’s eyes….a precious jewel.  Rest in His perfect love for you today.  “Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in him, for he shields him all day long, and the one the Lord loves rests between his shoulders.”  Deut....

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