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Open Door to Proclaim Liberty to Captives

Posted on Jun 28, 2013 in Arts, Blog Posts, Dance, Ministry, Prayer, Trips

Last night we performed the “Broken and Complete”concert at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Papa. Out of the small audience, a woman came up to me afterwards and shared how she was blessed when she heard my testimony of being restored out of abuse, abandonment, and divorce.  She runs a refuge house for abused women and had been looking for a Christian woman who’s been through the same things but on the other side of it, to come and share with the women. She wondered if and when I return to Hungary if i would be willing to come and share my story.  When I told her that I was actually going to be staying in Hungary for 7 days after the music tour, and could possibly do it then, her face lit up.  She shared how the women there are not saved and have taken on the abuse and events that have happened to them as their identity….as victims. She welcomed me to not only share my story with them, but to dance, and invite them into relationship with Jesus also.  I was estatic!  To have this opportunity to get to speak freedom and liberty to captives who are suffering just like I was 16 years ago fills me with more joy than i can express. Would you be praying with me now for God to be preparing their hearts, and for God to come with freedom and truth as I share and dance?  I’ll be going to speak and share with these women the week of July 7th.  There are 14 women (ages 23-53) and 22 children in the house, and I will be given 30 mins to an hour to share. Thanks so much for joining with me in declaring freedom and liberty to their captive...

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Opened Doors of Creativity

Posted on Jun 11, 2013 in Testimonies

“While painting in the silk painting class, it was fun and freeing to have no agenda but to hear from God and have fun. I loved how Michelle talked about how there was no wrong way to paint your silk. There is heaps of freedom due to the fact that your silk does not have to be painted a certain way to be done right. God opened so many doors and new avenues of creativity to me that day. It was a new way to taste and see that the Lord is good, and moving in new innovative and out of the box ways.” – Sarah S., Atlanta, GA

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Posted on Jun 11, 2013 in Arts, Silks, Uncategorized

Sometimes when I paint something, I don’t have any understanding of what it is….I’m just trusting by faith that God is leading me.  Such is the case with this silk that I painted two years ago.   It was to be displayed at an art show, and therefore, needed to have a caption and description of the piece, but I had no idea what it was.  I was actually completely embarrassed by it, and didn’t want to display it at all.  But, there was no backing out, so as I prayed for the Lord to show me something, I felt it was to be called “Soaring,” and this is what I wrote:  “Soaring isn’t always as pretty as we imagine it to be because it starts with surrendering, and that’s messy.  It involves dying and stretching yourself out, exposed and vulnerable.  Not a fun place to be at first, but ultimately it’s the only true place of joy and peace.” As I look at it now two years later, it makes so much sense…..maybe because I’m once again in the place of dying and surrendering so I can soar with God.  And I’m encouraged again to know that even when I feel and see nothing, God is still clearly moving and speaking through me, not only as I paint, but as I...

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Known and Touched By God

Posted on Jun 2, 2013 in Testimonies

“I feel so known and touched by God from receiving this silk. It is even better than I hoped and is priceless to me.  I ordered the silk to use for a specific dance I was choreographing. Not only did it perfectly fit the song and the revelation I felt like God wanted to release in the dance, but it also fit perfectly with the unique things God has put in my heart and wants to release in others. I know I will use this silk in many different ways as I continue worshipping and dancing before Him. I am overjoyed with this purchase and would recommend Michelle’s ministry of silk art to anyone wanting to know the heart of God and make His heart known to others.” – Lisa (Chicago, IL. – April...

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